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Straddling the line between the Old and New

I am reading the fourth book in both parts of the Bible, the old and new, a leapfrog I’m trying as I endeavor to understand God. I’ve just started Numbers and am laying down palms for Jesus’ return to Jerusalem.

When I restarted my journey to know God better about a year ago, I didn’t know where to begin. The Holy Spirit definitely had a hand in giving me guidance. I started at the beginning of it all, which is why I am now straddling the line between the Old and New. That makes sense, right? Genesis does literally mean the origin, the source.

Here’s where I start.

I started straddling a very different line initially, reading Galatians while starting with Joshua. I got all the way to 1 Chronicles and realized I was missing a large portion of understanding. The genealogy had my head swimming and I kept flipping pages back to remember which king ruled Israel and … I had to go back (almost) to the beginning.

I’ve already read Genesis. Many times. Since I was very young. Moses was truly the beginning for where I was stuck, and found myself turning to Exodus.

If I sound capricious in my traveling through the Bible, please understand something about how my mind works and a few guidelines that have worked well.

  1. There is no such thing as coincidence. That’s because…
  2. God is very involved in our lives, and we usually don’t realize because we’re too busy with life and he’s a very subtle, smart Father.

There are numerous Bible study plans available to help people read through the Bible and, at least for me, that’s the trap. It’s like marking checks on a list, or leveling up in a game. God doesn’t want to see the checks on a list, He wants us to understand – assimilate – His Words.

My seemingly random wanderings are turning out to be very fortunate. I have a much greater interpretation and appreciation for the readings, especially as I’m reading John. subtleThat’s because I read and reread some chapters in Leviticus. I know the history of the people trying to persecute Jesus. I have a depth I didn’t have before. My jaw is seriously dropping almost as much as when I read Judges, understanding the reasons and justification behind the Pharisees’ persecution. I was a believer before and my belief is gaining a foundation that’s far stronger.

God already knew that – which is why he’s had me doing some fancy footwork as in my journey through His Word.



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